Rewrite your definition of economic success - Build wealth by building trust.

You are a beautiful human being with many gifts to give the world. Humanify invites you to build a new story of personal freedom in a new kind of marketplace.

Humanify - Give, Receive, Earn

Give Your Gifts

Need to build a reputation for your craft? Give an offer to the community for your skills, and Humanify will match you with someone who needs your expertise.

Receive Community Gifts

Find people passionate about solving the problem you need help with. Receive their offer with a simple swipe on your phone.

Earn Trust

Build real-world connections! People who love your work increase your social capital after your offer is complete. The higher your rating, the more points you have to trade for new offers in your community.

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The days of “I would follow my dream, but I can't afford to” are over. Feel empowered to do things that make you happy. If you're happy with what you do, you'll do it really well, so use Humanify to find people who need your passion, and find passionate people who do amazing work. The more you earn, the more items you can exchange in your community marketplace.

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